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Reuse, recycle, reduce, restore, repair, remake, reskill and relearn



We have been bamboozled into believing the old adage ‘out with the old and in with the new’.

Every time I turn on the radio or TV I am bombarded by advertising telling me to rush out and spend my hard earned cash on stuff I don’t need and didn’t realise I wanted until they told me.

Let’s have a new saying for 2014. It’s very short. ‘Re’. It’s my ‘word’ of the year for 2014 (I know that strictly speaking that is cheating but it’s my word and my year).

Re is a Latin prefix and has a couple of meanings. It can mean to go backwards, or restore to its original condition. We can see this in words like retrace, rebuild, reunite or regenerate.

It also means again and again, such as when we repeat an action: recopy, repeat, remarry for instance.

The two letters ‘re’ are powerful and the words they make can be life changing when we take them to heart.

Prune don’t chop down

If you’re reading Unhurried Change then you are probably hoping for change in your life over the coming months.

The New Year is a time when we naturally think about what has gone and what is to come. There may be relationships that you have to end because they are toxic, there may be habits that have to go because they are damaging you.

Be careful though in what you get rid of. In order to make a tree stronger a gardener will prune it, he doesn’t dig the whole thing up and start again. The gardener will get out his pruning shears and lop off branches that are broken, diseased or growing the wrong way. The tree that is left is then stronger and healthier.

As you walk into the future don’t throw away everything of the past. Create the future you are dreaming of but build on where you are now. You have learned a lot of lessons in the school of hard knocks. Don’t waste anything, whether that is a lesson learned, a relationship or a broken bit of machinery.

Unhurried Change

Take a good look at where you are and where you want to be and by taking small steps you can turn your life around. Use the POP Model to work out the direction you want to go and how you are going to get there.

Start small, something so quick and easy that there’s no reason not to do it.

Weave it into your routine so it becomes an extension of what you are already doing.

Keep it up, don’t kick yourself if you don’t do it, just pick up where you left off.

Create markers and anniversaries to celebrate successes, recruit a friend’s help or write it in your diary. The more you do the faster it will become ingrained in your life.

What do you need to renew? What do you need to retrace and start again?

If you made mistakes last year, forgive yourself, forgive the other person, forget and release. Know that nothing is wasted, even mistakes and pain can have a purpose in our progress.

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