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I’ve seen the light

Christmas lights close up

I had an interesting day yesterday. I had the privilege of having one to one tuition with a professional photojournalist and all of a sudden things that had been confusing and complicated to me started to make sense. That little bit of personal help was what I needed. It’s OK to read manuals and books, they can be great but to be able to ask someone ‘yes, but…’ or ‘what if…’ made all the difference.

And so, I had a light bulb moment, quite literally when I was photographing the Christmas lights in the middle of Broad Street. I got it and the magic ensued.

Here we are though at the darkest time of year, the end of November and it’s going darker all the time. Light is precious and all I want is to be out there in daylight, taking photos and capturing the world around me.

I am excited to develop my own style, find out what I like best, what I’m good at, what works what doesn’t.

This is the second jolt of creative juice I’ve had in the past month or so. The first came from reading a book about knitting. An amazing treatise by my new friend Felicity Ford who looked at the bricks of the houses around her, the beer mats in her local pub, the colours and patterns of a biscuit tin and the fruit and leaves from a tree in her back garden and designed beautiful knitting patterns from this inspiration.

Two amazing artistic women sharing the unique way they view the world; a photographer and a textile artist. I have taken what they have to give and mixed it into my world of words and speech and I feel as though I have turned a corner or taken a fork in the road.

A new adventure awaits, I can’t wait to see where my new path takes me.

If you want to look at the work of Lynda Bowyer the photographer who has been helping me on my creative journey you can see her work here

Be inspired by Felicity Ford (you don’t have to be a knitter to appreciate her creative talents).