Empowering women with a smile

A close shave for Chao

Chao Sitei shaves head to Empower Women with a Smile

What do you do when you find out your sister has been diagnosed with cancer but you can’t be with her because she lives across the world?

Chao Sitei found herself in that position and came up with a very unusual solution. “At Christmas my sister was diagnosed with cancer,” she said. “She’s got 2 children and lives in the States and I live in the UK, so my mission was to think how I could support her.”

The thing that Chao’s sister feared the most was losing her hair. “I can’t take her pain away but by shaving my head and going out there with a big smile I can show her that I care”, she said.

Empowering with a smile

Sharing the power of a smile with other women is now Chao’s dream. “By cutting my hair and going out there with a big smile I can show women that I care. We can all share that smile and spread it around. That way you can make somebody feel so much better. Even if you don’t talk to them you can smile at someone.”

Chao is keen to share her message “I’m planning to go out as an ambassador and talk to women,” she said. “It’s good for women to know that they’re not alone. To know there is always someone out there to talk to.”

What does the future hold for Empowering Women with a Smile?

“At the moment it’s just me, I would love to have women join me, the more the better.”

One person can make a difference

Chao is one woman with one smile, but she is starting to spread the word. She is making connections with local organisations and groups and is starting to visit and talk about her idea.

If you would like to hear more about Empowering Women with a Smile you can find out more on Chao’s Facebook page. Look for Chaochung of Reading.

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