Get on with it

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More years ago than I care to remember, straight from university I got my first job, straight from university. I worked with some remarkable people in a blue chip company and learned a lot about business, management and quality. At the time one of my colleagues was studying for an MBA and one of his projects was to discover who, of all the quality gurus had the best idea. Which philosophy worked the best, got the best results, resulted in the best quality products.

He spent months studying the pros and cons of each system, comparing each philosophy, interviewing managers in varying companies who used the different systems. There was Deming and his Plan, Do, Check, Act. Juran’s quality trilogy, there was Total Quality Control, fish-bone diagrams, Just in Time, Crosby’s zero defects and Peters ‘Management by Walking About’ to name but a few.

His surprising finding was that it didn’t matter which system you chose, you just had to make a decision, pick one, do something about it and stick to it. They were all good in their own different ways. The simple act of deciding to change, thinking about it, planning and then doing something to bring about that change, that was what was needed.

That gives me a lot of hope, it means I don’t have to stand about wondering and tying myself in knots. If I think about what I need and where I want to get to, I can make the best decision I can with the information I have and start to make changes in my life. As always, little changes can make big differences.

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