Find your voice and find your gift

Find your gift Did you know that you are carrying around something very precious and valuable inside you? It’s not valuable while you hang on to it, in fact it only becomes worth anything when you give it away. Someone else needs it desperately, you could change their life if you gave it to them.Continue Reading

Reuse, recycle, reduce, restore, repair, remake, reskill and relearn

Re We have been bamboozled into believing the old adage ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Every time I turn on the radio or TV I am bombarded by advertising telling me to rush out and spend my hard earned cash on stuff I don’t need and didn’t realise I wanted untilContinue Reading

Finding you voice as a leader

Unhurried Change is here to help to help you find your voice as a leader and empower you to make a difference. There’s nothing like making a start so here are some bullet points to get you thinking about what your strengths are. We are not talking about skills and knowledge that you’ve learned orContinue Reading

The POP model

I found this idea in Mark Boyles book the Moneyless Manifesto and it has revolutionised my thinking. The Progression of Principles (POP) model can be used by ‘anyone who wants to live closer to their ideals, regardless of whether you want to live moneyless, as part of any religious or spiritual community, or in theContinue Reading

Mind Mapping a powerful technique to help you get your thoughts down on paper

If you haven’t heard about mind mapping you are in for a treat. Our brains work by hanging new thoughts off the scaffolding of ideas and knowledge it already has stored away. Our brains make links, and if you can supply your brain with lots of different ideas and new thoughts you are more likelyContinue Reading

Leadership by changing the tribe

Look around, our world is broken in so many ways. It needs help, the people living in our world need help. How would you like to transform the part of the world where you live? How would you like to be a culture changer? Look for change Be on the lookout for great ideas, theseContinue Reading

Dare to be different

Know your own worth A Hollywood talent judge once said of Fred Astaire ‘can’t act, can’t sing, can dance a little’. How many times do we read a sentence like that? JK Rowling had her Harry Potter books turned down by 12 publishing houses before she was accepted. Thomas Edison tried 3,000 times to makeContinue Reading

Do you want to be different? Then get giving

Giving is counter cultural, giving is edgy, giving changes us. Become known as a generous person Whether we give time, money, possessions or anything else you would be surprised how much the giver gets out of giving. When you give it changes you, you expand and grow. Depending on your circumstances it may be easyContinue Reading

A growing revolution

Every living thing needs energy to live, move and grow and as we aren’t trees or plants and can’t get our energy directly from the sun we need to eat food to live. Food is like air and water, we can’t live without it and yet it is an expense, is getting ever more expensiveContinue Reading

Build yourself a sanctuary from 21st Century life

We live in a world where everything rushes past us at break neck speed. The alarm clock rings in the morning and we are on the starting blocks of the rat race once again. The experience of rush and hurry in our everyday lives is what makes weekends, evenings, holidays and time off so precious.Continue Reading